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UE Announces Kings of Horror Distribution Deal

Genre-Bending Filmmakers Experience Audience Growth With YouTube Channel

Lincoln, NE: Blood Rites, Unfiltered Entertainment Inc.’s giallo-influenced horror feature, has received distribution through Kings of Horror, the largest horror film channel on YouTube. With over eight million views per month, Kings of Horror offers unlimited viewing of more than 250 horror movies.

Regarding the recent distribution deal, Unfiltered’s CEO Chad Haufschild said, “Expanding the Unfiltered audience on YouTube has been our goal for a long time. We work hard to make creative, original content on a micro-budget, using local resources and talent. It’s genuinely gratifying to have our efforts presented to a wider audience through the Kings of Horror, which works as hard as we do to celebrate indie horror.”

Blood Rites director Dorothy Booraem said, “We played with the glorious and the grotesque for Blood Rites, bending the sub-genres of psychological and slasher horror to include themes from  crime drama and mystery thrillers. Our production team at Unfiltered Entertainment created a minimalist visual style that included classic elements from the Italian “giallo” horror films of the 70’s: gore, black gloves and gorgeous women in peril. I’m beyond excited that Blood Rites is on the Kings of Horror YouTube channel.”

To receive this distribution deal, Unfiltered Entertainment employed marketing tactics that included casting actress Christina Marie Leonard (Riley Rewind, Non-Stop to ComicCon, Blood Sucka Jones 2) in the role of “Diz” and partnering with distribution company Eagle One Media to represent Blood Rites across digital and physical revenue platforms.

Watch Blood Rites on Kings of Horror today!

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