About UE

Unfiltered Entertainment was incorporated in 2006 by filmmakers Chad Haufschild and Andrew Johnson. Filmmakers Dorothy Booraem and Greg Kubitschek joined Unfiltered in 2007.

Chad, Andrew, Dorothy and Greg work together on Unfiltered projects to create micro-budget, indie content that maximizes creativity, originality and local resources.


Andrew Johnson, Writer/Producer/Director
UE co-founder Andrew acted as producer, prop designer and effects artist for the UE features “Blood Rites” and “Wake the Witch”. He will be a producer on the upcoming UE horror feature “Corruptor”.  Andrew’s other work includes writing, directing and producing the short “5840 Queens Drive Ver. 2”.

Chad Haufschild, Writer/Producer/Director
UE co-founder Chad was the cinematographer and producer on UE features “Blood Rites” and “Wake the Witch” as well as the  episodic/feature “Heartless”. Chad wrote the  feature “Blood Rites” with co-writer Dorothy Booraem and is co-writing the upcoming  UE horror feature “Corruptor”.  He has also shot and produced numerous other works, including “Declaration of Independence”, “Manna for the Damned” and “No Exit”.

Dorothy Booraem,  Writer/Producer/Director
Dorothy  wrote and directed the first UE horror feature “Wake the Witch”.  She directed and co-wrote “Blood Rites” and will do the same on the upcoming UE horror feature “Corruptor”. Dorothy  directed UE episodics “On the Inside” (9 episodes) and “Heartless” (5 episodes).  She has also written and directed a number of short films including “The Deadly Bridal Shower”, “Manna for the Damned”, “Santeria Cloaca” and “Boy Chasers”.

Greg Kubitschek, Cinematographer/Producer
Greg acted as set photographer and 2nd Camera  on UE’s “Wake the Witch”. He was assistant audio editor on “Blood Rites” and set photographer/behind the scenes videographer for “Heartless”. He also lensed the Mike Meehan feature “Shakespeare’s Coffee” and Monte Bainter’s short “Grill”.