UE Shorts

I Belong to Me (2018)
in post-production now

In the retro near future of an alternate Earth timeline, Licensed clones are a controlled-class of citizens called bio-copies or “bios”. They are created with a short life span and are heavily monitored. However, there is a thriving black market in unlicensed clones, created from bio-hacks. Hunter Sterns is a copyright investigator whose job is to track down illegal bio-copies of original humans. Although Hunter himself is a bio-copy, he has forced himself to become numb to the trouble he brings to others of his kind.


End of the Road (2017)

Three National Guardsmen barricade a rural road. Their only order is to guard the perimeter with lethal force. No one goes in. No one comes out.  Until someone…or something…does.  Official selection of the 2017 Prairie Lights Film Festival.


Kiss A Fella (2016)

KISSAFELLA poster thumbnail HORIZ

A dame, a detective, and desperate man are forced to share a cab on a rainy night in Los Angeles. Official selection for the 2016 Flat Water Noir Anthology.


No Exit (2015)


A reality television show locks 4 very different people in a room for 7 long days. Official selection of the  2015 Flat Water Terrors Horror Anthology. This version contains extended and deleted scenes.